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Ten Commandments for Gambling Online

Gambling Online for the first time can be,...well,... kind of scary. You might hear some good stories from people about their experiences, and you will also hear some bad ones. This leads me to the 1st commandment for gambling online. Never gamble more than you can honestly afford to lose. The money is real, and so is "the gamble". This is no different than playing in Vegas. The house has the edge, and you are gambling that you will beat the odds. 

Most of us wouldn't mortgage our house to gamble with in Vegas and you shouldn't do it online either! If you are the type of person who could actually do that, you need to listen to the 2nd commandment! Gambling can be addictive, and you may be one of those types of people who simply need to stay away from any type of casino. If you are, seek help from a professional. Gambling should be fun! Exciting when you win, and sort of bummer when you lose. Those emotions are what drives us to gamble. The "Thrill of Victory" and the "Agony of Defeat!" 

At the same time, it should never be a life changing amount of money for you when you lose, which leads to the 3rd commandment. Keep those emotions under control. You can lose a lot, fast, if you don't. Play with your head and not with your emotions.

Keeping in stride with playing with your "Head", The 4th commandment would have to be, to only play when you are alert. Don't play when your tired, or not feeling well. You need to be mentally sharp, and it's much easier to control those emotions when you are well rested.

The 5th commandment. Don't drink too much when you are playing. Playing online is an advantage for me, since I don't have all that casino ambience pumping me up, and a gorgeous waitress bringing me cocktails at the speed of light. Know your limits, or just abstain while you playing. Get a good win in and get hammered afterwards!
After you have your personal traits and weaknesses inventoried, you need to take the time to find a brand of software that you like, with the best odds or rules for the games you like to play.

The 6th commandment is to do your homework! You will have many choices to make when gambling online. Finding a software brand that you like, with the best odds for the games you like to play can take some time. If you are a Newcomer, have a look at this page for some beginning suggestions. Click Here! 

The lucky 7th commandment is to read the general terms, AND any "sign up" bonus money terms on the site before you deposit! The online casinos are very competitive and offer some nice 1st time sign up bonuses. All bonuses will have "CONDITIONS" attached to them. Sorry, there are no free lunches, but they sure can increase your chances of getting a nice win! Most of them will have wager-thru requirements. In short, you must put your money, and the bonus money in play for a specified number of times before you can cash out. Some are 8 times thru, and some are much higher. READ THE TERMS!! Some that look great on the surface, might not be as good as others that appear less generous.
You should be about ready to download and deposit at this point. 

Our 8th commandment is, don't screw with the system. Don't use someone else's credit card or banking solution to fund you account. Not even a spouse's! If it says one sign up per household, that's what it means! You can't take a sign up bonus if you spouse already did. It's called multiple accounts and they will catch it on your IP address almost every time. If you win, and have multiple accounts they WILL void your winnings and not return your deposit. You will probably wind up on the shit list and have a hard time playing at the respectable online casinos. So don't try to pull anything over on them. Be honest and you'll do just fine! 

Our 9th commandment for gambling online is, no distractions! Don't try to play if there are a lot of distractions. Playing Blackjack while mashing the potatoes for dinner is generally not a good idea. If you accidentally "mis-click and lose a 100.00 bet instead of a 1.00 bet, you'll have a hard time convincing anyone it was an accident! This isn't Microsoft solitaire, and there isn't an 'UNDO" option after the cards are played. You can change your bet before hand, but once you click the deal, or spin button, it's a done deal! So, limit the distractions if you can.

And finally, the 10th commandment is to "know when to quit". This works both ways folks! If you have more than sufficiently met all your wager-thru bonus requirements, and are well up on the casino, then quit while you're ahead! By the same token, chasing losses can be a killer too, and sometimes it's better to just take the loss and come back another day! 
Here they are in short form!

Our Ten Commandments for Gambling Online!
1} Never gamble more than you can honestly afford to lose.
2} Gambling can be addictive. Get help if you have a problem.
3} Keep those emotions under control.
4} Don't play when your tired, or not feeling well.
5} Don't drink too much when you are playing.
6} Do your homework! Find a software brand that you like, with the best odds for the games you like to play.
7) READ THE TERMS and CONDITIONS of the bonuses!
8} Don't screw with the system. Don't use someone else's credit card or banking solution to fund you account. Not even a spouse's!
9} Don't try to play when there are a lot of distractions.
10} Know when to quit!