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High Rollers

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Are you a High Roller?

         From the inception of gambling as a recognized form of entertainment, the High Roller has carried a special sort of aura about them. I suppose it's because you have to be well off financially to be considered a High Roller. Although some would say money is the root of all evil, even the most conservative would have to admit, having considerably more than you really need, wouldn't be all that bad! 

The High Roller doesn't sweat the losses and the term "High" could also be used to describe the feeling they get when the bystanders are more emotionally fixated on the next card coming out than they are. For many of these unique people, winning the cash is less important than "just winning" Having achieved a certain financial pinnacle in life, the High Rolling Gambler is fiercely competitive and is used to having things his or her way! In short, winning isn't everything... it's the only thing that matters! 

Since small bets offer nothing to challenge their emotions and stimulate those familiar Gambling Gut feelings we all get, they must put enough on the table to catch the thrill of it all.

Most of them are very social, generous and like the attention. They like that exhilarating feeling they get when they Win or Lose more money in a few hands of cards than most of us make in a year! Since many of us are just occasional visitors at a casino,  we are often mesmerized and fascinated to watch chips representing a week's pay or more wagered on a  single hand of Blackjack! 

I will never forget a fellow named "Franky" we met in Atlantic City! Having just lost some $30,000.00 dollars at Craps, he joined our Blackjack table and began a mind boggling comeback. By the time we left, he had given each of us 1000.00 in chips because he didn't want anyone to leave the table! Yes, High Rollers tend to be a little superstitious too!

All the Glitz and Glamour in the world wouldn't be worth a 5 cent wooden chip if it weren't for the great stories and bigger than life Wins and Losses made possible by the "High Rollers!"

This page is dedicated to you guys! Thanks for the Thrills and a look at the other side!


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