***Hi! Things Can Be A Little Confusing When You First Try Gambing Online!***Here's a Little Bit About Us and How We Got Into This Business.***Hopefully, You Can Benefit From Some Of Our Successes and Our Failures Too***As Always Thank You and Good Luck in Gaming!***


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Welcome and Thanks for Stopping In!

My name is Nick, as many of you already know. I operate this site and few others along with a few close relatives.

We started out online around 4 years ago. We mostly play blackjack, a little roulette and pull the slot handles once in while too! We are having a blast and learned quite a bit in the process about playing the online casinos. Hopefully, our experiences can help you to avoid some of the problem areas that come with the territory.

I can remember how strange it felt the first time I played. I was a little uneasy, a lot unsure of myself and maybe a little skeptical as to whether I would see any money if I did win! 
We've naturally had a few "less than pleasant" experiences, but I can honestly say in adding it all up, we have managed to stay a little ahead of the casinos so far.
I must admit, breaking even wouldn't be all that bad either,
and having enjoyed countless hours of fun and entertainment from all of this and being ahead on the money feels pretty good! 

If I wasn't doing this, I'd certainly be paying for some other form of entertainment that wouldn't allow me the opportunity to win any money. Just remember though, it is gambling and the money is real. You do need to keep your "Blood Pressure" under control!

Just like a lot of you, we are hoping for that one Big Win or that one pull of the lever that will change our life forever! We've had tons of good wins, but that life changing one hasn't happened yet! We are still hopeful!

The industry itself has grown entirely too fast for it's own good and perhaps not all of the obstacles were well planned for. I'm sure some obstacles were not anticipated as there have been a few self inflicted wounds already! With each obstacle, however, things actually get a little better for the long haul. 

We would like to see the U.S. step up to the plate and regulate the industry. Things would improve much faster and there would be far fewer problems. 
It will happen eventually, it's just a matter of when.

In closing, if you like to gamble a little, I think you will find our site useful. Contrary to a popular belief about gambling portal owners; we are not sitting around here hoping our players lose their money! Some will, that's just the nature of the beast! We opt out of the commissions percentages when we can, and take a small one time fee when it is offered. These days most of the good casinos don't carry over big losses to us anyway and the progressives don't go against us either!

So just go ahead and feel free to win big! We will root for you! 
In fact, I do root for my guys when they are playing in some of the tournaments available out there! 

Our email Icons are all over the site if you need help or have any questions. DON'T be shy! Email me or go to the Message Board and ask someone there for help! Believe me, You WILL get a straight answer there! Whew! 
There are lots of highly experienced players and they absolutely "Tell It Like It Is!" and they love to help new players learn the ropes too!

Remember to always play with your head and not your emotions!
Never gamble more than you can "HONESTLY" afford to lose and I suggest that you not play if you are worn out or tired from the day's work! Of course no one can guarantee you will win every time and I'm sure you don't expect that either.
Just like in a land based casino, being sharp and alert will make your luck run a lot better and a lot longer!

We truly want your experience to be positive. Players are winning big everyday. We sincerely hope you are one of them!

As Always! Good Luck in Gaming!
The C.P.A.

Here is a GREAT casino to start you off!
Check it out! You'll Love This Place!


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