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Although not the best Poker Player to ever hit the tables, it's still one of my favorite games to play. I suppose it's because when I was younger, it was regular ritual to play cards on Saturday Night. It was a social event more so than a gambling outing. Sort of an "accepted GUYS night out...late"... and your clothes aren't on the front lawn when you finally do get home! AH!, The good ole days. huh? 

Online Poker Rooms have changed that "Males Only" stigma that seems to be attached to Poker. I see a lot of ladies on the virtual tables, and doing quite well I might add!

What I like about Poker on the net is the variety of choices. Many of these games I never had an opportunity to play for money in the REAL World, so that adds to the excitement of learning the games. With the ability to have progressive pots, the casinos are dole-ling out some pretty big bucks. 

In terms of dollars and cents, we did best at Party Poker. We also had a few good sessions at the William Hill and Intercasino Poker Rooms. Cryptologic has the biggest progressives in the regular casino too by the way.

Below we have a nice selection of multi player poker rooms!The dealer just takes a rake, so you are never playing against the house, just other players. Many players like this concept as they feel this enables a totally fair online poker environment! 

This is almost like getting my Saturday nights back! In fact I may organize and online reunion with the old crew! With the chat feature most have, it should be a lot of fun!

Have fun and As Always, Good Luck in Gaming!


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